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About our company

We started from a humble beginning

Martius Group is a full service hospitality management company with a large and diverse portfolio. Headquartered in Pristina, Kosovo offers an approachable, hands-on style of management. We represent: “Bon Vivant, Matisse Bakery, Amel Chocolate.” Staffed in all areas of hospitality management and development, Martius has an assembled an experienced professional team who continually support property level managers in order to benchmark performance against major competitors, maximize quality, market share and profitability. Martius extensive background, coupled with a seasoned executive team fosters a culture that is oriented toward success! Our target  is to continue to grow as one of the most competitive, hard-working, and performance driven hospitalities companies in the country. We have a passion for inspiring excellent hospitality within the Hospitality Industry. We have a shared responsibility to do business in a sustainable way, contribute towards the professional development of all employees, and contribute positively to the local and national economy. We believe that World-Class Service is achieved through our employees and associates passion and commitment to serve each guest with a smile. As a team we strive to treat each guest as our number one priority, worthy of our upmost attention and gratitude



Our primary objective is to become a dynamic hospitality group in Central and Eastern Europe that will create and realise shareholder value and further contribute to the development of upscale , upper upscale and lifestyle market restaurant segments in this part of Europe.


With the guest experience at the heart of everything we do and the expertise and experience we have built over decades, we strive to provide our guests with the most pleasurable and seamless experience, ensuring the best possible accommodation and personalised offering that will exceed their expectations and needs.

Our Core Value

Our values are embedded in 20 years of success in the tourism and gastronomy industry, during which we have always strived to provide our guests with a memorable experience. This mantra has remained our key value and continues to lead and direct us in everything we do. Our team members are of utmost importance to us and are the key to providing our guests with the ultimate experience. This is why we are continuously striving to improve their working environment and foster engaging working relationships. We want to create a workplace that is founded on trust, respect, teamwork, enthusiasm, commitment, and care.

Our impact

We work to improve lives, inside and outside the walls of our restaurants. We believe that by extending our hospitality to our communities, we’ve strengthened our own culture and business. At the heart of our philosophy is a deep respect for art, culture and emotional wisdom. With a unique sensibility that bridges East and West, we celebrate the beauty of tradition, the heritage of our locations and the people of those communities. We place a premium on making real connections that build loyalty and trust, and are champions of progressive thinking, flexibility and innovation.
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